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Work experience

  • Cloud Security Architect & Digital Risk Leader, Schneider Electric
    • This is a role with technical know-how and leadership qualities to eager drive security initiatives from start to finish and presents opportunities to advise on the global security strategy matters:
      • Ensure compliance with Data Protection, Jurisdiction and Privacy laws globally as part of the cloud domain.
      • Lead the definition, development and implementation of the overall global cloud security architecture strategy, conducting security architecture assessments and defining future solutions and roadmaps.
      • Complete security architecture compliance assessments and auditing on in-flight projects and during operations against reference architectures.
      • Perform threat modelling and design reviews to assess security implications and requirements for introduction of new technologies.
      • Develop and maintain cloud security standards in partnership with all relevant stakeholders.
      • Provide support to the SOC on cloud incident handling.
      • Lead investigations and take corrective/preventive actions, working closely with other regional or domain security experts.
      • Lead training and technical forums, serving as both a formal and informal mentor, and execute other initiatives designed to share knowledge across the enterprise, managing security awareness.
    • Frameworks:
      • TOGAF/ SABSA
      • NIST Cyber / ISO
    • Technologies:
      • Typical ICS mechanisms and IIoT devices.
      • Application Security design patterns.
      • Service-oriented and microservices architectures.
      • Data at rest protection mechanisms: cryptography, key management, etc.
      • Network security in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS multi-cloud environments and data in transit security mechanisms.
      • Cloud-native/friendly authentication mechanisms (OAuth, OpenID, SAML), as well as traditional methods such as Directory Services, Identity and Access Management (IAM) & Single Sign-On (SSO).
      • Monitoring, detection and protection methods (network segregation, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, NAC, SDP, SIEM, Threat Intelligence).
      • Cloud security and governance tools & security brokers (CASBs).
  • Cloud Architect / DevSecOps, DXC Technology
  • Network Engineer / SRE, SD WISP
  • Analyst, Sweetspot Intelligence
  • Cloud Product Manager, Alisys
  • OSINT Consultant, Indra
  • Functional Security Architect (core banking), Matchmind
  • Security Team Leader, Accenture
  • Network Security Engineer, BT
  • IT Auditor, IBM
  • Security Consultant, DINSA
  • R&D Engineer-Security, Atos
  • Systems Engineer, Comverse Technology Inc.
  • Web developer, Portel Servicios Telematicos


  • Ph.D candidate, UC3M, 2024
  • MSc in Digital Information Systems & Digital Libraries, UC3M, 2017
  • University Expert on Security Management, UC3M, 2010
  • BSc in Information Science & Information Technology, UC3M, 2014
  • BSc in Computer Science, ITFP Nº1, 1999


     title: Introducción a Software Defined Radio (SDR)

   excerpt: This paper describes how Software Defined Radio (SDR) 
            paradigm works.
      date: 2013-08-01
     venue: Internet Archive
  paperurl: http://bit.ly/2L5HH9l
     title: El analista del futuro

   excerpt: This paper talks about the job of the intelligence analyst
      date: 2009-04-01
     venue: Revista Auditoria y Seguridad
  paperurl: http://bit.ly/2L257MQ
     title: Datacenters, tendencia y seguridad
   excerpt: This document talks about how to build coveniently data centers 
            and how to protect them.
      date: 2009-05-01
     venue: Revista Auditoria y Seguridad
  paperurl: http://bit.ly/2rGyvzo




  • The Things Network - Principado de Asturias
  • RAENAC (Radio en Accion)
    • Description: Association commited with the promotion of radio technologies of all types.
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