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PenTesting toolchain

Generic uses

  • Arachni: a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helping penetration testers and administrators evaluate the security of modern web applications.
  • BurpSuite: a graphical tool for testing Web application security. In addition to basic functionality, such as proxy server, scanner and intruder, the tool also contains more advanced options such as a spider, a repeater, a decoder, a comparer, an extender and a sequencer.
  • OWASP ZAP: an open-source web application security scanner. It is intended to be used by both those new to application security as well as professional penetration testers. When used as a proxy server it allows the user to manipulate all of the traffic that passes through it, including traffic using https.

Specific uses

Ruby webapps

  • Brakeman: a free vulnerability scanner specifically designed for Ruby on Rails applications. It statically analyzes Rails application code to find security issues at any stage of development.
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